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Living in Lake City, Florida, your home maintenance issues can be time-consuming and difficult. ServiceMaster by PWF Pinellas offers a full line of home and business maintenance services. Prevention is one of the ways to reduce the problem. These are ways to prevent damages to your home and your floors, to name a few:

First, identify and probe the cause of the problem, whether it is outside or inside the house. The two main culprits of floor damage are water and unwanted debris.

If located outside the house, perform the following:

1. Check the outside perimeter of your house to find the source of water. The source of damage could either be from leaking hoses or blockages in a hose which may create standing water that may freeze back into the pipe and create an ice block; this may shatter your pipes and make damages to the foundation, walls, and floors. ServiceMaster by PWF Pinellas has complete water damage repair and restoration services.

2. Investigate the roof of your house for small cracks, damages, noticeable leaks, and aging shingles. There will come a time when these tiny problems will result in a serious water damage problem.

3. Inspect the utility and plumbing pipes near greenery and trees. Roots of trees slowly destroy underground pipes long before you know it. Proactively speaking, it is advisable to clear the pipes of vegetation and foliage, in which, in the long run, could save you from unwanted expenses.  Call ServiceMaster  by PWF for a complete home inspection.

4. Examine and clean gutters to assure continuous water flow and avoidance of blockage. Gutters with standing water can create a mosquito-breeding ecosystem, which can endanger your family’s health. Moreover, an overflowed gutter with water may bring puddles that can slowly harm your house’s foundation.

5. Probe and clean your downspouts of debris like accumulated leaves. Make sure to position downspouts in a direction away from the house. Test and make sure irrigation systems and sprinklers are directed away from the house.

If located inside the house, you can do these:

1. Understand your water system. Familiarizing how the water shut-on and shut-off valves function may help you if a worst-case scenario happens. Shutting off the main water supply quickly can save you from unexpected expenses and midnight anxieties.   Then contact ServiceMaster  by PWF for complete repair services.

2. Make an annual routine check-up and testing of hoses/pipes connected to water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators. It would be much better to make an investment in water-leak monitoring and shut-off system that keeps on the watch for cracks and leakages.

3. Assess tubs and showers by being certain about water tightness and leakages, if necessary.

Second, take action immediately by calling ServiceMaster by PWF Pinellas to fix the problems.  Procrastination and do-then-postpone attitude will make the problem worse as time passes by. It may even be too late especially if unexpected weather and thunderstorms come around.

  • Ignoring moisture damage and dry rot could slowly degrade pipes which, in turn, would degrade your water system.
  • Growing mildew should not be disregarded for it can do damage to the structures of your home.
  •  Be reminded that homeowner’s insurance coverage is for damages that are accidental in nature, so it is your responsibility to maintain and care for your house.   

Third, create and maintain preventive measures by  ServiceMaster by PWF Pinellas installing modern-day technology. A water detector sounds its alarm system when it senses moisture contact. It detects low-moisture levels or slow leaks that are often unnoticed. It should be installed near pumps, washing machines, water heaters, and toilets for the prevention of mold growth.

Another device is the water leak sensor, which alarms and alerts for possible leakages. More advanced models can even turn off the water if leakage is detected. Ask  ServiceMaster by PWF Pinellas  about installing a backwater valve, a device used during rainfall that stops water and sewage from coming inside the house.

When it comes to pressure, get an emergency pressure release valve. It is also a device that protects against too much pressure caused by freezing pipes and also prevent your pipes from bursting up.

For additional tips, below are some suggestions:

1. Know and watch your water bill. Studying and monitoring your water bill is one of the ways to discover water leakages. If there is a significant usage jump in the bill, investigate your water system, especially the pipes.

2. Hoses of washing machines should be replaced by new ones from time to time. Replacements are surefire solutions to prevent reoccurring household concerns.

3. A regular check-up of appliances is a must. By checking the ‘health’ status of your appliances, you could save money from repair or purchase. In that way, no complications would arise uneventfully.

4. Make a home inventory and protect your assets from water damage. Life-time savings in your possessions should not left unsafe; they should be sealed in good containers against water damage, mold growth, and dust destruction. Also, document all your possessions for easy and convenient storage.

For additional queries and other concerns, call the expert in restoration services, ServiceMaster by PWF Pinellas. We can do restoration services in Pinellas County, Florida, such as mold damage remediation in Lake City, water damage restoration in Pinellas, mold removal in Clay, and water damage restoration services in Duval, to name a few.

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